Thank you, Local Readings!!

48387664_10217285809842095_878403236749377536_oJim and I had the best time reading in Madison and Monticello, Georgia for the Local Readings Series in December! Thank you, Luke McFarland, for inviting us to read and to visit your classes at Monticello High. Thank you, Susan Draeger and Doug Olive, for hosting us in your lovely guest house and for holding a reading at your fabulous restaurant Mint Juleps in Madison. (I loved your goats!) Thank you, Aislinn, for wowing us with your beautiful songs! And thank you, Monticello high school students, for sharing your work and ideas with us.

Reading in Madison, Georgia!

I’m looking forward to reading with Jim Braziel in Madison on the 17th and in Monticello on the 18th!

Review in First Draft

Check out Claire Matturro’s review of Known by Salt in First Draft!

Pidgeonholes Interview

I had a wonderful time talking with poetry editor and poet Alina Stefanescu about busted biscuits and poetry for Pidgeonholes. Visit them. Check out all their weird words. You won’t be sorry.