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Creating with the Land

I’m thrilled and honored to have three poems of my poems, “Ephemeral Pool,” “An Accounting of Birds,” and “Lay at My Feet,” in the Creating with the Land: Works Created Harnessing Alabama’s Natural Resources exhibit at the Georgine Clarke Alabama Artists Gallery in Montgomery,… Continue Reading “Creating with the Land”

Known by Salt wins the 2022 Alabama Library Association Award for Poetry

Such a special honor to be acknowledged by librarians, my life-long heroes! Thank you so much for awarding Known by Salt the 2022 Alabama Library Association Award for Poetry!

WEDNesday NIGHT POetry FeAture

I’m thrilled and honored to be featured for tonight’s Wednesday Night Poetry! I’m reading my poetry, poems, showing off my bees, and reading a fabulous poem by Ada Long. Join us on Facebook! Search for Wednesday Night Poetry.

Video Reading: In the Weeds

Thank you, Kirk Lua, for publishing my poetry and this video in The Normal School. If you don’t see the video, click the title.

Take a Virtual Poetry Writing Field Trip with the Cahaba River Society and Me

Write an ode (or anti-ode) and enjoy the gorgeous shots of the Cahaba lilies here: https://cahabariversociety.org/cahaba-current-summer-2020/ And / or write a Greater Romantic Lyric on the Little Cahaba River here: https://cahabariversociety.org/virtual-creative-writing-workshop-writing-a-greater-romantic-lyric-with-poet-tina-mozelle-braziel/

Interview with Stephen McClurg

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Stephen about Known by Salt. Check it out here: https://thedrunkenodyssey.com/2020/05/26/lost-chords-serenades-divine-15-an-interview-with-tina-mozelle-braziel/

Magic City Poetry Festival Reading

I was delighted to share my poem “Cahaba Elimia” (published in Exit 7) for the Magic City Poetry Festival’s Shelter in Magic Reading Series. Poetry blooms in Birmingham, so be sure to check out all the videos in the series. Here’s the link: https://www.magiccitypoetryfestival.org/shelter-in-magic-reading-series/2020/5/8/gabrielle-bates-c7kja?fbclid=IwAR3TMlYrC24j9jwFrrWlI_K78at1amghAnZjwGvvTwEZEtWsZo7beHllxn4